5 Facebook Content Ideas for Automotive

Hey Everyone Its Clair here. Now I’m going to be honest. Sometimes when things get crazy at work and my brain is going a million miles an hour, then I have to plan out my Facebook content and I admit I get stuck. So I wanted to help anyone out there working at the dealership looking for creative ideas to promote their dealership on Facebook.

Here’s 5 Facebook Content Ideas for Automotive

Now these aren’t random things I've seen. These are actual graphics and ideas my team and I posted on Facebook and worked for us.

#1. Introduce Your Team

This is a simple one. Take pictures of your team. Show your audience who is at the dealership. Give little tidbits about quirks on your team. When you start building that connection to your online community they know who to expect and look for at the dealership. This goes for service, sales, collision. EVERYONE you have at your dealership. It’s a fun way to get your team on Facebook and they will also assist in promoting it.

#2. Quizzes

Great for engagement. This is something great to try out if you want to see how engaged your online followers are. You can make quizzes like Mustang or F150 or can you guess what part this is? Or Mustang Trivia. We’ve had several quizzes from vehicle trivia to service and parts.

Whats great about quizzes is that if you can throw in a freebie in there. Who doesn't love free stuff? Promote it correctly and I promise you can skyrocket your Facebook followers.

Quick Story: Our dealership has an Auto Outlet and they were around 300 followers. We we’re gaining followers slowly but we wanted to see what we could do to jump that. For Valentine’s Day we did a $100 Valentines day basket and our followers grew past 1,000 followers.

#3. Showcase benefits of your product

Now its a given you are going to promote your sales on Facebook. And if you’re not….we got to talk. No seriously reach out to me and I can make some graphics for you to post on Facebook. We can work a deal later.

Anyways showcase other things beside your sales - vehicle walk arounds need to be on Facebook. Dive into deeper about certain features whether it has massaging seats, if it has lane assist or benefits of buying CPO vehicles. Things like that you might see or hear everyday but your customers who are coming in - they don't. They want to be wowed and I encourage you to put that on Facebook. Now don't think you can be limited to just the sales department - showcase the benefits of your extended warranties, the service department.

#4 Reviews

Reviews are crucial whether they be on Google or Facebook or other dealers focus on Dealer Rater, Cars.com. Wherever you’re getting reviews share them with your Facebook Audience.

On our website, we have employee pictures and so what I did was combine those pictures and our google reviews. Not only does it highlight our customers reviews but our employees get to see them and share it on Facebook. Now you don't have to get fancy, you can take a screenshot and share it on Facebook. Make it visible to others.

#5. Customer Vehicles

We do customer purchases photos but follow up with the customers who made mods to their vehicles too. Whether it be lift kits, rims, spoilers, wraps anything that enhances their car. People get excited about being on Facebook. Their family sees it, they share it then their friends see it and they share it. Its a domino effect. They’re getting recognized and what better community to recognize than your own.

Now these are just some of the examples of content that I’ve been posting on our Dealership Facebook. And remember you can go crazy with content. Try various content out. Find out what works well with your audience. If you want more insights on Automotive Marketing hit that subscribe button.

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