5 Things Dealerships MUST DO ON FACEBOOK During Covid

Look I’m going to be honest. Most dealerships have struggled to get out of the dark ages. Digital Media, posting on Facebook, online sales? Even at my job, I can’t say that they fully understand the capability and power of what going fully online can bring. BUT Covid has changed everything. ABSOLUTE-FRICKING-EVERYTHING.

And if you want to improve your dealership communication online, I’m going to share with you 5 Things that our dealership is doing to not only get more leads but also become more visible online.

I’ve been consuming content at an insane speed and I know I’m not alone. Quarantine life has made people look towards an escape. Working out, drinking (Texas here’s looking at you) and media consumption. There is content being chucked at you from everywhere.

News, Entertainment Videos, Movies, Family & Friend updates, Memes, and it’s just all this coming at you like wave pool.

Now with every single piece of content being chucked at you,how does your dealership stick out?

  • Post EVERYDAY / Multiple Times a Day - FB, INSTA

One of the most underrated tools dealerships can use is social media! It’s free and it allows you to build a community. Now with people just endlessly scrolling through Facebook you have to stay visible. Post multiple times a day.


You want quality content. Post community information on what your city is doing during COVID. Post feel good stories. Showcase your employees.


Its great to have pictures and its just an add on of posting multiple times a day but if you have a creative person, someone who likes taking video on their phone, or someone who can handle a camera. Get them to assist you in making videos. Videos were already on the rise before COVID but now its just skyrocketed. People are watching more videos now. There taking the time to watch more content. So if you’re a dealership that is open and you find some of your guys talking about how its slow -- grab them and make a video. Talk about your process. Showoff a vehicle. There is an endless amount of ideas for you.


If you aren't already optimizing your website for scheduling service online, this is the BEST TIME TO DO SO! I’m going to be honest, we had the option but we didn't really implement it until this whole thing started. There have been many tweaks and my website provider probably gets really annoyed with me but its that persistence that we are able to tweak our scheduling service online for our quick lane and service department.

  • Showcasing your changes

With all these changes your dealership has made whether it be more cleaning, sanitizers at every entrance, wiping down steering wheels or marking your floors for 6 feet apart, you need to showcase that at every turn! Put it on a Google My Business post, post it on Facebook, Instagram, Stories, make a website banner, make a video interviewing management. You need to showcase what you are doing to protect the safety and health of your customers and employees.

  • Remember to HAVE FUN

This last piece of strategy is to remember to have fun. Yes I know there is a pandemic occurring and yes I know its serious but I do know that it get really depressing and frustrating on social media. People get overwhelmed with all the content they are consuming so don’t be afraid to make things fun once and awhile. What I did at our dealership was make a TikTok. That's right, I got some willing team members and we started making fun TikTok. Not only did it boost morale with our team but it also got some traction!

So those are just some of the methods I’ve been implementing at our dealership. If you want to learn more about marketing and automotive tips and tricks - do not hesitate to hit that subscribe button. Its Clair signing off.

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